Community Advocates In Action, Inc. mission is to Educate, Empower and Engage our youth in their community through personal development, civics and social issues that plague our communities.

Community Advocates In Action, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization.

What makes our organization one of a kind is the nature in which we engage, and unite a community with resources, education, culture, history, social services, and guidance. After all our young people are our future, and as any parent, or family member, we want to see our children succeed and fulfill their dreams. Our organization provides an avenue by way of partnering with other nonprofit organizations that work with and directly serve young people in the community. We also provide a platform via my internet television show, Speaking of the Tongue at every Saturday at 1:00pm streaming live.

Our guests on the show are all about the community, groups, individuals, and organizations that provide services for young people and their families, like; Teen Moms & Dads, Crime Prevention, Personal Development, Civics, Sex Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Homelessness, Teen Prostitution, Runaways, Entrepreneurship, Higher Education Assistance, and much more.

Community Advocates In Action, Inc. hosts numerous programs throughout the year to include Culture and History, Youth Education Conferences, Symposiums, Youth Round Table Discussions and Debates, Youth Preparedness for Higher Education and Entrepreneurship, Financial Seminars, and Personal Development Classes.
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